My investments were kick-started by joining my current employer (IT sector). The compensation package included RSU’s (restricted stock units) that will vest over a 4 year period (from 2016 to 2019). I also joined my company’s ESPP program (employee stock purchase plan), which enables me to obtain company shares against a discounted price.

This is all great, but too risky in the long run. I need a more diversified portfolio. On the portfolio pages you will be able to see how this diversification strategy is going.

Portfolio value, updated November 2018


Diversification ideas

My strategy is to have an ever larger percentage of my portfolio value invested in other schemes than company stocks. I will not stop the ESPP program as it is very profitable as we speak, but when I get close to my (early) retirement date, I don’t want to rely on the stock value of one single company. Here are some ideas:

  • Keep the company ESPP program running
  • Invest in loans on crowdlending platforms
  • Invest in shares (other than my company’s obviously)
  • Invest in real estate

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