company shares

This page shows the performance of the company shares (RSU’s and shares purchased under my company’s ESPP program).

The chart below shows the invested amount, total share value, the capital gain or loss and the quarter on quarter increase or decrease in capital gain (income).

Below you see the income in a waterfall chart (quarter on quarter):

Same type of chart, but month on month.

Month on month, but now in a standard line chart.

In the first 6 months of 2018 the income was more than $12.000. This is an average of $2000 per month. Did that mean I was close to reaching 50% of my goal?

Not quite. The company shares that are purchased via the ESPP program have a discounted price. This inflates the capital gain instantly, but does in no way reflect future returns. Without the discount the income would have been more modest.